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We provides Services to EMI Supports, to Banking related query, on Remembering EMI on exact dates, to Get around the clock support from Banking Experts

About Us

Elentrus is the authorized business supporting for the people in paying EMI on time.

We provide great services and ideass

Elentrus EMI Support

Elentrus support more Business customer from the HDFC and many reputed Banks.Getting a Home Loan from HDFC Bank is quick and easy. Our Mission is to provide the exceptional customer service to the requesting people.We are the member BCSBI.

As a member, we are committed to follow the prescribed standards of banking practices as detailed in the 'Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers.Our reputed Banks has now committed the majority of Growth Fund to social investors and we support you to improve your business with the help of those scheme.Know more about your rights and the services.

Our Services

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EMI Support

Around the clock EMI support.

Tax Compliance

Support for Tax Compliance and helps policy.

Growth Access

Supporting Growth access form Bank.Helping in Business Growth

Standard Bookkeeping

An individual support provided for development.

Business Development

Supporting Business with developing projects.

Auditing Individual

An Individual Auditing Support from reputed auditor.

EMI Support

The debt collection policy of the bank is built around dignity and respect to customers.

All time availability

The customer would be contacted through phone or Mail.We would respect privacy of its borrowers.
We will document the efforts made for the recovery of dues and gist of interactions with the borrowers.

Secured Process

Customer Feedback

Here is some of our Customer Feedback

Federica,Tax support

I got a wonderful support from Elentrus efficient Tax Support, where It helps for my business to the larger level.

Arun,EMI Support

They saved my time and they provide a sms to alert the EMI service. I an very happy with thier support.

Angel,Business Development

Hi, This is Angel, when I apporached them for my business development, they have supported me adn guided me.

Andria,EMI Support

They saved my time by helping with EMI support. Thank you Elentrus.

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Landmark opp to Forum Mall.



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