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Experience has proved that the new technologies can create wonders for small companies.


We make it through our business to outsource your bottom line.Elentrus specialise in outsourcing the best possible projects to our clients.

Quality Product

We care about our clients’ success and see ourselves as part of their outsourcing team. We only work with businesses who share our determination to succeed and would rather turn work than work with people who don’t share our drive.

New Technology

We specialise,having worked with global accommodation brands we know how to get more project to maximise your revenue online.To us, outsourcing has a main purpose: to increase your sales. Our reputation depends on the quality of our service.


We provide various kind of projects to teh small companies and we do support with the projects for the company.

In-person tasks.

We work virtually, but can schedule in-person services.

Legal, accounting or HR.

These are highly specialized roles Projects

Full time customer support.

Need to handle a few outbound calls, but not inbound calls.

Writing and Content Creation

we are happy to schedule, post, email and tweet, to create for them!


Cold calling and lead follow-up is best left to the sales team!


To help with research and more, but we leave the marketing plan creation to the pros!

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